Monday, November 7, 2011

Madiwala Tank

Images from the tree planting drive at Madiwala Tank organized by SayTrees, an organization involved in various planting activities around the city.

The Madiwala tank is the second biggest tank in Bangalore and is frequented, amongst others, by the city's birders for the migratory spot billed pelicans that visit in large numbers. We were lucky to see some of them swimming along the waters. There were several other birds along one side. Lots of wildflowers and many butterflies as well.

The congress grass (parthenium hysterophorus) looked so pretty, swaying in the wind. The congress grass is a prolific invader and can grow where nothing else does. It is an allergen for humans and cattle

The gang at work planting saplings


There's a pelican swimming in the water, and many more birds appearing as white spots in the distance.

The island in the middle of the tank

A little podium from where boat rides are organized.

Beautiful wild flowers- This one below is the common sida (sida acuta). Its leaves were long and slender and it is said to attract butterflies.

Tons of mimosa pudica (touch me not)

A closer look at the stems of the mimosa

The wooded park area with cozy little benches overlooking the water.

More birds!

A pair of pelicans

Is this the cardinal creeper (ipomoea horsfalliae) ?

Lots more ipomoea varieties. This one is probably the Marsh Glory (Ipomoea aquatica). Kehimkar has some interesting things to say about this one in his book - Common in marshy, water-logged places. A trailing runner with hollow stems that float and root at nodes. Caterpillars of Death's Head Hawkmoth and Glory Hawkmoth feed on this plant. The tender shoots are cooked and eaten.
Leads an interesting life, doesn't it?!

Another ipomoea - the Lesser glory/ Obscure morning glory (Ipomoea obscura).

Coat buttons - tridax procumbens. Very attractive to butterflies and bees, according to Isaac Kehimkar's 'Common Indian Wild Flowers'

Could this be the common sow thistle? (sonchus oleraceus)

There is beauty in the grasses as well

Even the parking lot was so 'green' and pretty


Nic said...

Cool wildflowers...And yay for tree planting!

Anita Kumar said...

So many pretty wildflowers! I never thought much of wildflowers, but now I am beginning to see how beautiful they are.