Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The neighborhood park

Last August I had posted pictures of the neighborhood park.  - it seems that this time of the year is when the park has a flower display of sorts, perhaps in tune with the one at Lalbagh. This year was no different, one morning in September at my mother's prodding i took a walk to the park to take in the many flowers that were in full bloom. Pink and purple asters, yellow orange marigold, many colored zinnia and balsam, purple gomphrena, blood red salvia, powdery pink hibiscus, rows of canna, coleus, lavender plumbago and rows and rows of leafy plants danced in the sunshine. It was an absolute delight!!

I missed the lavender spider cleomes from last time. There were a few, but not as many as last year.


Anita Kumar said...

Great collection of pictures. Enjoyed your slide show. You bangloreans are blessed with so many lovely parks.

College Gardener said...

So lovely!

Arati said...

thank you both. do either of you know what the pink leaved plant (not the roseflake hibiscus, the other one with a brighter pink leaf) is called?