Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art, drama and nature @ Allaince Francaise

The parking lot
We headed to the Allaince Francaise today for a play 'The Sunshine Boys'. While the play was amusing, equally interesting were the grounds - replete with huge trees and epiphytes washed by the rains, the art work on the walls - 'Six summer monsoons' a set of paintings and digital prints with nature, butterflies and flowers as the theme, and the paper cutting display that two little girls were arranging on the center floor.

Flowers, trees and butterflies - my favourite motifs!

A flower done and a butterfly in progress


College Gardener said...

I really like those paper arrangements the girls were preparing - Quite impressive!

Stone Art's Blog said...

Wow, those paper designed are relay neat, must have been interesting to see them being created.

radha said...

Amazing paper designs! And the trees look so beautiful too.