Sunday, November 21, 2010


Not a great shot of the magnificent kite, but its the only one i have at the moment. Since the outing with the Bangalore Birding community I seem to be noticing an inordinate number of kites all over the city. They seem to be everywhere.. circling above parks, office buildings and homes. They are mostly all black kites, though every once in a while I do see the brahminy kite as well. Unlike the other common birds, they never seem to flutter their wings, but always have outstretched in the most strong and regal manner possible, gliding, circling, looking; thus living up to their classification as birds of prey.

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Natti said...

When I was in an office building on the 11th floor on MGRoad we used to have them perch on out window sill. They looked so majestic. I also see a large number of kites circling over Inner Ring Road in the evenings.