Monday, October 11, 2010

More flora from the Golden Palm resort

I am yet to put a name to most of what I saw at the Golden Palms, but I simply could not resist sharing. The colours and the exhuberance of the plants were such a joy!

The firecracker plant (picture on the right) was in bloom. I learnt that its botanical name is Russelia equisetiformis and that, surprisingly, it too, like the snap dragon (antirrhinum) and the wish bone flower (torrenia indica), belongs to the dog flower family.
The star cluster flower (pentas lanceolata) was everywhere - this time in white!

The portulacas were clearly getting a lot of the sun, judging from their size.

The colors of these flowers was quite simply breathtaking!

The poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) was rather striking with its reds


The Phytophactor said...

We call such plants UTF - ubiquitous tropical flora, wide spread tropical ornamentals, such that in some places, e.g., Hawaii, you have a hard time finding a native plant.

Arati said...

yes its a pity that in gardens plants are chosen based on their ornamental value with no regard for whether they are native or not..

Stella Pierides said...

Thank you for sharing your delightful pictures of flowers!

It is autumn in Northern Europe, and so even our autumn flowers are a bit off color now!

Anonymous said...

Can you please name the third plant after Lillie's..The one with green,white and pink color leaves.I have planted it and love it absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Hey I found it .its called the Potato vine pink forest .I am yet to find the one with Maroon leaves :)