Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday flowers - Bachelor's buttons

I photographed these white and purple button like flowers a long time back at a local nursery, and learned quite recently that they have a most amusing name - bachelor's buttons. I wonder how this name came to be?! They have a rough feel to them, but look quite pretty. They are also called the Globe Amaranth and botanically the Gomphrena globosa.


Autumn Belle said...

Butterflies are attracted to Gomphrena flowers too.

azplantlady said...

Hello Aratik,

I love these little flowers. It has been awhile since I have grown them. I think I will plant some again :)

Elizabeth said...

I remember these from when I lived in Nepal. They're a lovely flower. In North America, we have a different species (in the Centaurea family) we also call bachelors' buttons. But I like the Gomphrena better.

Arati said...

Autumn Belle, Azplantlady & Elizabeth - thanks for visiting!
Elizabeth, glad to remind you of your times in Nepal. I like reading your blog because it takes me to beautiful oregon, where i spent some happy years! :)