Saturday, April 13, 2024

The tree without a name

When I notice a tree whose name I do not know, the first thought that pops into my head is usually "wonder what its name is" and then I take a picture, identify it and move on. And somewhere between all of that I look at its bark, its leaves, flowers if they are present. But do I really observe them? Can I describe all of it at ta later date and time? How much of it do I remember? Not as much as I would like.

So , my new mantra is not to identify the tree. Lets it mystery remain and let me look at it over and over again, to really observe it. Know what its bark is like- smooth or ridged, patterned or otherwise. Know its flowers and leaves and be able to tell it apart from its neighbor not just by name but by all of its features as well.

So here is mystery tree number 1. Several of this tree grow right outside my dining room window so I get to see it everyday. It has a beautiful upright stance, with branches on either side that also stretch upwards. And through most of the last few months it has supported pretty round ball-like seeds (?) from all of its branches. They make the tree look so ornate, especially at the U that the branches form right on top. 

Its bark is most peculiar, whitish with green patches, peeling in many places.. but mostly smooth, unlike that of so many other trees I have come across in north america. 

And just these last couple of days or so, small green leaves have been springing out of its branches, adding color and life!

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