Friday, July 19, 2013

Chennai garden - July 2013

Every time I go home, I find something interesting in the garden. This time, aside from the usual lovely butterflies, there was this little mango sapling that had come out of a seed that my mother had sown after eating off the fruit.

Chennai Marathon

some interesting sights while in Chennai for the marathon/10K

Indian Laburnum in full bloom on the way to the Leela to collect the bibs

View of the Adyar Poonga from the bridge across to karpagam avenue

Neem tree buds on the morning of the run
The run itself...
This tiny flower, no larger than my thumbnail, had dropped off a tree and almost formed a carpet along the sidewalk. I tried digging through 'flowers of india' to identify the flower/ tree but in vain; if you know what it is , please do leave a comment.

Update - thank you College Gardener! it is most likely the wrightia tinctoria.
Garlands being sold on adyar bridge