Sunday, February 5, 2012

The ponds at the Senmozhi Poonga

It was nice to just sit watch the antics of the ducks at this pond. A nice little sanctuary in the midst of the city.

Spider lilies around the pond.

And the walk back..

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trees, plants and more :-)

Indeed the Senmozhi Poonga had it all.. Here is the 'kalyana murukku' - erythrina indica with its interesting bark.

Then there was the lac tree. It is not the tree itself that generates the lac, but an insect that is attracted to the tree.

I loved the patch of  jatropha duckfoot , it had butterflies flitting all over, just about as many as i saw in the butterfly garden in Bannerghatta.

Then there was the champa - plumeria/frangipani with its serene white flowers.

The lovely smelling lavender and the spectacular passionflower

This one i have not identified yet.

Senmozhi Poonga continued

Walking into the Senmozhi Poonga, we first noticed some small fish tail palms. Apparently the fibre of this tree is so strong, it is used to tie elephants!

And a little inside was a carpet of this lovely little yellow flower..

Some birds had come visiting and looked much like statues on the water bodies that had been built.

Plenty more small plants...

fish tail fern

snow bush
And another very interesting tree- the terminalia mantaly - whose branches were parallel to the ground instead of pointing skyward like most other trees.

And clear blue skies... in all, the perfect day for a lovely stroll.