Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art, drama and nature @ Allaince Francaise

The parking lot
We headed to the Allaince Francaise today for a play 'The Sunshine Boys'. While the play was amusing, equally interesting were the grounds - replete with huge trees and epiphytes washed by the rains, the art work on the walls - 'Six summer monsoons' a set of paintings and digital prints with nature, butterflies and flowers as the theme, and the paper cutting display that two little girls were arranging on the center floor.

Flowers, trees and butterflies - my favourite motifs!

A flower done and a butterfly in progress

Powder puffs

The view from the balcony also include the powdery puff flowers of the raintree.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A riot of red

Around this time last year, the view from our balcony became quite remarkable - the gulmohar tree whose branches touch the walls burst into bloom, transforming itself into a veritable riot of red.
Its happened all over again this year, albeit about a month later.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Common Sorrel

If you have a tropical garden, chances are that you have the common sorrel somehwere in it. This 'weed' is common in moist cultivated gardens and attracts the pale grass blue butterfly. It is a native of Europe but has been naturalized in India.
The leaves have an interesting shape and the flowers are a dainty yellow.

"New" tree by the bank - Breadfruit

I stopped at the neighbourhood bank the other day and noticed this tree that I have not see before. The leaves were quite spectacular.
As it happens usually, ever since the first sighting,  i have been noticing this species all around the city and am intrigued to know what it is.

Thanks to a fellow blogger, this has been identified as the Breadfruit (artocarpus altilis)

Friday, June 17, 2011

A walk in the neighbourhood

One Saturday evening, few weeks back we set out on a walk in the neighbourhood. I was lucky to have my camera with me, as the gulmohars were putting on a brilliant display.

There were streets that reminded us of California!

We strolled into the park, and much to my delight, the shell ginger (alpinia zerumbet) was in bloom. The leaves of this plant are different from those of the variegated shell ginger in that they are plain green and lack the stripes of the variegated variety.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How the Blood Flower propogates

A while back I had written a bit about the propogation of the blood flower. Recently I was able to photograph the growth of the pods and the dispersal of the seeds.

But first, another look at the beautiful buds and flowers.

First came the green pods

Then they turned brown and split open, revealing the seeds within.

I dont know how the white cotton like substance appears, but it does soon after, and starts blowing with the wind, taking the seeds with it.

The branch (and the surrounding area) is soon enough covered with the wispy wind blown seed carrier. The seeds are carried far and wide, and new life starts!