Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Revival -- Hiking around the washington DC metro area with a stroller.

Alright.. its pandemic times AND high time this blog was revived. A lot has changed since the last post.. but what remains the same is my love for nature. and hiking. except now we have a baby in a car seat and stroller base and "buy all terrain stroller" on our to do list. Enter the search for paved trails.

Our conquests thus far:
The DC mall area. So great for strollers, so great for social distancing. Love the trees

Sligo creek trail in Maryland. Great for strollers, good for social distancing early early on a weekend morning. Lovely creek, shady paths and friendly walkers. Magical at 7am, hot and humid at 10.

Huntley Meadows

Lubber run trail leading to the 4 mile run trail and the bluemont junction trail.
Beautiful shaded park with a creek running through it followed by a mostly shaded trail through a quaint residential neighborhood. 

Capital crescent trail
Nice views of the Potomac.

4 mile run from lubber run/ W&OD to barcroft park. Completely shaded and chok full of ups and downs.

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